Our History

As early as 1965, the idea of forming an association of State Universities and Colleges had been thought by the heads of nine of the ten then existing state institutions of higher learning. It was the consensus effort on communal causes and academic progress through a dynamic organization would redound to the best interest of these schools. It shall be noted at this instance that the University of the Philippines (UP) was not a part of the organizing group probably because it was feeling that unlike the rest of the State Colleges and Universities, the UP anyway gets whatever it wants from the National Government.

Between 1965 and 1967, a series of meetings and conferences was held to realize this dream of organizing the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) among the following Presidents of the would-be member institutions as follows:

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Of the more active members of the group were President Montemayor of MAC (now CMU), President Clemente of MIT (now USM), President Ramirez of PNC (now PNU), President Garcia of CLPC, and President Prudente of PCC (now PUP)

Presidents Ramirez and Prudente were designated Co-Chairmen to plan and organize PASUC.

Vice President Gerardo Torres was commissioned to draft the Constitution and By-Laws with the assistance of Vice President Jose Vergara of PCAT and Executive Assistant and Board Secretary Teofilo H. Montemayor of PNC.

President Zosimo Montemayor was tasked to find a suitable site to house the PASUC headquarters, preferably at Quezon City. However, it failed to materialize as he retired from service.

In the summer of 1967, the formal organization of PASUC was held at Teacher’s Camp Baguio City and the PASUC Constitution and By-Laws were ratified by the members in convention. Sometime earlier, however, Dr. Carlos P. Romulo was appointed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos as Secretary of Education and concurrently President of the University of the Philippines. With this development, the original plan to elect President Ramirez as PASUC President and President Prudente as his Vice President was shelved. Instead, PASUC Presidency was offered to Secretary Romulo in his capacity as the President of UP, which the latter graciously accepted; President Ramirez was elected as Vice-President. Consequently, the membership of UP to PASUC was consummated. Dr. Romulo was not able to finish his term as he was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs and automatically President Ramirez became PASUC President in 1968.

During the planning stage up to its formal organization, Vice President Flores was being considered for the Position of Secretary General of PASUC. However, Supt. Lauro Platon, who took the place of Atty. Florentino Gacad as Coordinator of State Colleges and Universities in the Department of Education, was appointed instead as Secretary General of PASUC. Thus, the practice of the PASUC President appointing his own Secretary General (now Executive Secretary) has established a precedent, although it was only after 1977 that the present practice started.

The history of PASUC is intertwined with the history of the coordination of State Colleges and Universities (SCUs) in the Department of Education. Before 1967, the late Atty. Florentino Gacad, a Senior Executive Assistant, was tasked to coordinate the affairs of SCUs in the Department of Education in addition to his other functions in the Office of the Secretary. Atty. Gacad was then assisted by Mr. Teofilo H. Montemayor, a Senior Executive Assistant and Board Secretary of PNC (now PNU) detailed in the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Education, who at the same time was acting as Technical Consultant in Education in the House of Representatives. While Supt. Platon was assigned the dual functions of Coordinator of State Colleges and Universities and Secretary-General of PASUC from 1967-1969, it was but natural for Mr. Montemayor to perform both jobs, he being familiar and conversant with the two inter-linked operations. This marks the beginning of PASUC’s Office in the Department of Education, which was tasked solely of coordinating SUCs.

In 1970, Mr. Monetemayor was officially appointed as the Coordinator of State Colleges and Universities under the Office of the Secretary, Department of Education. He was also designated as the Secretary General of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges. Mr. Montemayor resigned his former position in 1977 when there was a move in the Department of Education to place the position of Coordinator of State Colleges and Universities and eventually the operation of SCUs under the Bureau of Higher Education. Mr. Montemayor’s resignation as coordinator of SCUs saved the Office of Coordinator of SCUs from being absorbed under the Office of the Director of Higher Education although the Director of Higher Education, Dr. Antonio Dumlao later became the Coordinator of SCUs in a concurrent capacity. However, Mr. Montemayor held his position as the secretary general of PASUC up to 1976, after having served seven PASUC Presidents in succession, namely: (1) Nemesio Prudente of PCC iN 1970, (2) Dominador Clemente of MIT in 1970-1971, (3) Jose Ledesma of WVSC in 1971-1972, (4) Alberto Garcia of CLPC in 1972-1973, Ricardo Arcilla of BU in 1973-1974, Salvador P. Lopez of UP in 1974 and Isabelo Alcordo of CMU in 1975-77. After the term of President Alcordo, the position of Executive Secretary was created instead.